Phillip_ImlerWonder Wanderings is a personal record and monologue of my travels throughout the wonders of the world.  My destination preferences focus on places where nature abounds.  However mankind has created some amazing places worthy of discovery and exploration.  My “Wanderings” go throughout the natural and man-made wonders and my monologue reflects my personal experiences and recommendations of these wonders.

I was fortunate to grow up in a family where traveling was something we did regularly.  My early travels where usually road trip vacations to visit family.  The good news was that family was scattered across the United States making exploring the country a reality.  When it came time to plan the trips, I loved looking at the atlas and finding scenic options and nature oriented adventures.  My father also had a passion for the outdoors so it was not hard to convince him to schedule detours to national parks and other amazing places as we made our way to visit family.  My father also introduced me to the world of photography, which helped launch my second passion.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work within the travel industry for 11 years, which afforded me with numerous excursions and adventures.  These travel endeavors only enhanced my passion to explore this amazing planet.  I transitioned into the health care field for the next fourteen years, but I continued my pattern of looking for nature detours and extensions with any and all business related travel.  My passion and commitment to explore the wonders of the world led me to return to the travel world, which I have been engaged with for the last ten years.

This Wonder Wanderings blog is a collection of reflections on historic journeys from years past along with current explorations and adventures as they happen.  With each post, I look to share the humorous happenings, amazing discoveries, mistakes and must dos, along with any recommendations or insights for having a great adventure of your own. Get ready and “Go Explore.”

Where Have I Been

travel of me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to have traveled to all 50 states, six of the seven continents, and over 40 countries. As you can see, I have a number of experiences to write and share with the hopes of providing inspiration to go and explore. Let me invite you to follow along as I create each post, share photographs, and catch up with both old and new adventures.


Photography Passion

My passion for photography was launched as a small child watching my father use his camera and wanting to be like him. As a smart parent he introduced me to photography with an inexpensive Kodak 110. That would soothe my photography passion for a few years, but would quickly be obsolete leaving me seeking more. In 7th grade, I started working a paper route. My first few months of income was pooled together and used to purchase my first Nikon FM camera.

This fully manual camera provided me with my introduction and true discovery of photography. My father awarded my purchase with my first lens which was a 50mm with a 1.2 aperture. My first understanding of aperture was that it served as a tool to allow more light in for easier photography in darker situations. After forgetting to change the settings from the night before, I discovered the true power and creativity of depth-of-field. It was accidental, but a lesson well appreciated.

I have taken classes at college, with Nikon trainers, and a 24 lecture series with renowned photographer Joel Sartore. I have been taking pictures for over 35 years. I hope to share photography tips where applicable. Three Nikons later, I remain committed using a Nikon D300s.

Adventuresome Affirmed

At the age of 22, I took a solo trip to Australia. I departed Texas with no reservations and no plan on what I was going to do. This idea of exploration was intriguing, and although it placed my mother on her knees praying, I was excited about the adventurous endeavor.

I landed in Sydney, Australia. After getting off the plane, I made my way to the rental car counters (reminder no reservations). I asked the first agency if I could rent a car. Their response was, “We are all out of cars.” Whether the words were the same or some version of “Fully Booked,” that was the same response with the remaining rental car vendors.

Knowing that I was destined to walk about, I made my way to the airport restroom to change clothes into something more comfortable for trekking. As I came out of the bathroom, I decided that I would engage the rental car companies again.

Success, “We have one car left” she said. I took it and made my way to the car. I opened the left front door only to discover that I needed to use the right front door. After getting situated in the car, I turned on the ignition and the car jumped. “Oh no, this is standard” I said to myself. “You don’t know how to drive standard” the inward voice declared.

I started to get out of the car, but then argued with myself noting, “This is the only car; it is either this or nothing.” So I learned to drive a standard car sitting on the wrong side of the car, shifting with the wrong hand, and driving on the wrong side of the road.

No accidents and exploring most of Sydney served as a testimony that I could tackle most any new endeavor. It was an affirmation of an adventuresome spirit. Let me encourage each of you to explore and try new things in this amazing world.

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