Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa

Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa

Iguazu Falls, internationally known as Iguassu Falls, is both the local and lesser-known international name for the falls that share the border between Argentina and Brazil (locally known as Iguaçu Falls in Brazil).

The first question most people ask is whether they should stay on the Brazil or Argentina side of the falls, and the answer is “YES.” There are good and valid reasons to stay on either side.

I had done lots of research on accommodations and reasons to stay on either side. There are more trails and engagement with the falls on the Argentina side, which led me to opt for choosing it as my targeted stay.

My research on accommodations led me to target the Sheraton for my stay in Iguazu.

Sheraton Iguazu

Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa

The Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa is the only hotel located inside the national park on the Argentina side of the falls. It is a contemporary three-story hotel with 168 superior guest rooms and eight suites.

The hotel is divided in two with half featuring balconies and overlooking the falls and the other half having balconies that overlook the rainforest. All eight suites have views of the falls.

When I first reached the hotel, I walked in and was greeted by reception. Reception included three wonderful staff members standing at the check-in desk all smiling and waiting to assist. Their smiling presence was irrelevant because behind them was a glass wall with a view of Iguassu Falls behind it.

I was immediately mesmerized and deviated towards the window away from the desk. As I finally checked in, the staff laughed and let me know that this happens every time. “It’s like people think the falls are going to go away, and so they forget what they’re supposed to be doing.”

This just happened to me, so I completely understood what they were talking about. I got checked into my room and quickly made my way to the balcony where I could see that I had a wonderful view of the falls.

SHeraton Iguazu Room with a View

My room featured expected Sheraton style, comfort, and amenities. I had chosen the hotel for other reasons, but quickly discovered that I was getting blessed with Sheraton care in addition to the benefits that originally swayed my decision.

Why Choose the Sheraton Iguazu Resort

In my efforts to wander wonders, I am always looking for the best way to engage nature and experience the natural wonders of the world. Iguazu Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of South America, and I wanted to know the best way to see it.

As the only hotel in the national park, the Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa has direct access to a “backdoor” gate of the falls. Your stay at the hotel also includes your park entry fees. This meant I had better access for two reasons.

First, I was able to avoid checking in at the visitor center and spending time buying tickets. Second, the backdoor entrance provides shorter access to the upper and lower falls trail head. This means I was ahead of other visitors on the trails.

Sheraton Iguazu Resort backdoor to the falls

I love people watching, but my preference is personal encounters with nature. I highly value benefits, which allow me to have intimate personal time with the natural wonder and just myself. Getting into the park first and ahead of the crowds resulted in a more tranquil and personal engagement with the falls.

Visitors are required to exit the park when it closes. It takes much more time to get to the park and’s official exit that it does to exit to the Sheraton. This was an additional benefit allowing me an additional 30 to 45 min. of time inside the park exploring the falls versus making my way to the exit.

This provides nature lovers like me with another opportunity for less crowded and quieter encounters with nature. The early and closing hours are also the best opportunities for seeing any potential wildlife.

Enhancing Your Stay

I mistakenly did not leverage the spa services of the Sheraton. However, I did take an extensive tour and can testify that the spa facilities looked rather inviting. The spa features five indoor boxes, four outdoor tents, and one internal box for couples. Additionally, guest can take advantage of relaxing in the Zen room, salon sauna, steam room, and large hot water whirlpool.

Relaxation and rejuvenation can also take place in the pool that overlooks the falls. The pool also features a swim up bar for getting drinks and snacks while you rest in the cool pool waters.

Wildlife Wonders

The Sheraton grounds are part of the frequently visited half of the toucan. Although their specific location varies slightly, they are creatures of habit and can frequently be spotted on the hotel grounds in the early morning hours.

This is a special treat for nature lovers who opt to stay at the Sheraton. The toucans are hard to spot and find during the heat of the day when the majority of visitors arrive at the park. This is another nature lover’s reason to choose the Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa for their accommodations while visiting Iguazu Falls.

Windows to the Wonder

The Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa was strategic in their design and planning of the hotel. The reception, restaurants, bar, patio and observation deck all have views of the falls.

Sheraton Iguazu best location in Iguassu Falls

Whether you are eating, drinking, relaxing or even checking in, the Sheraton provides you with a view of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of South America. Why wouldn’t you choose this as your place to stay when visiting Iguazu Falls???

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